Web Hosted Document Management

Web Hosted Document Management

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Outsource your Document Management Problems using Adem’s Hosted services. Simplify your business and cut costs.

About Adem-iStor On Line

Adem-iStor  is a powerful internet browser based document, file and image archive repository. Built using standard Microsoft Technologies it is an intuitive,easy to use and convenient method of storing and retrieving files, records and images.

Easy to use and simple to set up, Adem-iStor removes the necessity for hardware maintenance costs or upgrades.If you have used an Internet Search Engine, then you can use Adem-iStor. There is very little training required, reducing the time to introduce and cutting the cost of change. WithAdem-iStor  there is no capital spend and no IT costs. Just a simple fixed monthly fee and no hassle.

Adem-iStor   has been designed to be deployed in two scenarios, an “online” hosted solution or an “in-house” solution .


The online solution is a secure web hosted repository, with the servers located in a state-of-the-art secure Co-Location facility. Secure access to the https (128 bit ssl) URL is restricted to authorised users.A Client dedicated server is also available as an option.

  • Disaster Recovery processes and off-site back-ups ensure your business continuity.
  • Images scanned can be uploaded by our bureau service offices including an on site scanning service or alternatively users are able to scan their own documents.
  • Standard bureau scanning involves the production of “super compressed” colour PDF files, meaning a colour image is no larger than a bitonal TIFF.
  • Any document type can be uploaded and stored in Adem-iStor,all Microsoft Office file formats can also be stored, be they, .doc, .xls or .ppt, in fact any file stored on your desktop, can be stored on Adem-iStor, uploaded by you as an authorised user.
  • No limit to the number of documents stored, our charges are based on USER access only. Minimum number of users is 10 but this can be split across departments.




Based upon the "online" product, Adem-iStor resides within your LAN/WAN on your own web servers. In addition to the Adem-iStor online benefits

  • Adem-iStor uses your own active directory, thereby allowing single sign on to the Adem-iStor application.
  • Create your own profiles of documents for access by authorised users.
  • Adem-iStor can be linked to other databases you may have with index data from your legacy systems.
  • The repository can be "hidden" from a legacy system and "called into action" via the delivery of a URL of the requested file, record or image from the legacy application.

Adem-iStor can be enhanced to utilise version control or work flow to your requirement.

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