Hire and Short Term Rental

Short Term Rental

We stock a number of  Microfilm Scanners and Document Scanners which are available for Short Term Rental.

We have a selection of models from Canon, Kodak, Fujitsu & e-imagedata (ScanPro) ranging from Desktop Scanners to Production Scanners.


Minimum Rental Period is from One Month, Rental Prices include Delivery, Installation and Operator Training and all Equipment has the Benefit of our on site service support. 


Please call us on 0800 328 1088 and we'll be happy to help you with your enquiry. We can give you expert advice on the equipment which will suit your needs.


Below is a Selection of Scanners we stock for Hire & Rental.

Scanpro 1100

ScanPro 1100 - Hire

Digital Microfilm Scanner

ScanPro 2000 - Hire

Digital Microfilm Scanner

Canon DR-M140 Hire


Canon DR-M160 - Hire

Fujitsu Fi-6130Z - Hire

Fujitsu Fi-6670 - Hire

Canon DR-9050C - Hire

Canon DR-G1100 - Hire

Fujitsu Fi-6800 - Hire

Kodak i620 - Hire

Kodak i640 - Hire

Fujitsu Fi-5900 - Hire


Longer term requirements may be better served by our cost effective Lease Finance Plans. 
For more information see our Lease Finance Details

You can call us on 0800 328 1088 for more information or use web form