Document Scanning

Document Scanning

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Adem delivers a full document scanning and archiving service, our scanners produce high quality, accurate scans from any document.

Any size or volume of paper record, drawing, x-ray or microfilm/microfiche can be transferred to electronic format.

Our flexible solutions include the scanning of archived documents whilst scanning current documents in house or outsourcing everything to us.

Why Scan?

  • Find documents within seconds (scanned documents can be instantly located, emailed or printed)
  • Free up space where documents have to be kept for years eliminating unsightly piles of paper.
  • Make your archive accessible easily and quickly by all authorised staff, improving customer service through fast and efficient location of files.
  • Full disaster recovery
  • Acceptable to HM Revenue

Typical Applications

  • Accounts and financial records
  • HR Files and payroll records
  • Medical records
  • Manuals
  • Planning applications
  • Client correspondence filesSchedules

Completion times are arranged to meet individual clients needs which can range from daily, weekly, monthly etc.

Tests on client samples are undertaken free of charge to ensure prospective clients are completely satisfied before proceeding.

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